Job not advertised...why

Job NOT advertised….Why?

Why do some recruiters NOT advertise a vacancy?

It is likely part of the Hidden Job Market!

A little known SECRET is that many recruitment firms do NOT advertise ALL available positions! These hidden open jobs are part of the Hidden Job Market!

You may be thinking…why?

There many, many reasons why a recruitment firm may choose to keep a vacancy private.

Perhaps it doesn’t seem to make sense. If it is not advertised then how do they find qualified candidates for this open role?

There are many reasons….below is just a sample of reasons why a vacancy becomes part of the hidden job market.

Hidden Job Market
The Hidden Job Market…Yes it is real!

For a recruitment firm it makes sense NOT to advertise some of their open roles.

  • Headhunters, and recruiters do act as gate keepers to their clients for many reasons.
  • The vacancy may be extremely sensitive. There are many times when a confidential new hire is going to replace someone internally that will be terminated. Of course the recruiter and employer will do all that is required to ensure the soon to be terminated candidate does not become aware of their replacement coming in.
  • The recruiters may already have a qualified candidate in mind for the open role. If the recruiter already has some qualified candidates within their talent pool there is no reason to promote the role.
  • The vacancy is an open role available only if a top notch qualified candidate passively appears for a super exact match skill set. These type of roles are common…they require super rare skill sets that a recruiter can immediately identify as valuable to a client employer.
  • Current employees at the client organization are aware that the employer is engaged with this recruitment firm, and the employer really wants a candidate recruited from outside their organization as opposed to an internal candidate. Ensuring the open role remains confidential is a top priority in this case.
  • The client (employer) has very aggressive competitors that monitor their job postings, and their preferred recruiters job postings for any kind of competitive advantage. The recruiter and employer are always keen NOT to give away any competitive edge.

More reasons why a recruiting agency will NOT advertise certain vacancies.

  • Posting a vacancy will give away the clients (employers) strategic path forward. Forward strategy is critical to client (employers) success.
  • Some recruiters may also ensure that all requirements for a role are NEVER publicly listed to avoid extremely savvy jobseekers over tailoring their resume to the job description. The recruiter will then probe to see if the rare skill set is present or not.
  • The vacancy is a headhunting assignment ONLY. The employer is only interested in a very specific list of candidates out there that they have already identified, and have engaged the headhunter to reach out to them confidentially about this role. They have no interest in candidates outside this targeted list of prospects. These hires often are targeted at clients competitor star talent.
  • The vacancy may be specific enough for other recruitment firms to know who the client (employer) identity may be. To reduce risk of competition the recruiter may keep this role quite so that their relationship with the employer is not jeopardized by other firms. Recruiters want to nurture their client relationships, not give them away to competition.
  • Recruiters, and headhunters may sometimes come across an extremely valuable candidate for one of their clients. Even if the client (employer) doesn’t have an open vacancy, the recruitment firm may present the candidate because their client’s business would greatly benefit from such a hire. In these cases it is not unheard of the for the employer to CREATE a brand new role for such a candidate AFTER they become aware of this candidate valuable skill set. These are passive vacancies that only materialize after a super star candidate is presented to the hiring authority.

The hidden job market is REAL, and it is everywhere….ensure you partner with a recruitment firm during your job search so that your skill set is an option for these hidden roles, as well as the posted job vacancies of course.


Unlock the Hidden Job Market with Headhunters Directory

Unlock the hidden job market
Unlock the Hidden Job Market with Headhunters Directory

How to ensure you unlock the hidden job market?

Ensure the right recruiters, headhunters, and employment agencies have your details on hand…ensure they know you are actively searching for new role.

That is how you unlock the hidden job market. It is only then can a recruiter consider you for an open role be it publicly known or perhaps part of the Hidden Job Market.

How to be part of this hidden job market?

Ensure your are on file with recruitment firms that specialize in your field of expertise, and of course ones that have regular vacancies in the geographic area you wish to find work in. This is the best way to ensure that at a minimum you are part of their talent pool, making your skill set an option for them to consider for public postings and private open roles (the hidden job market)! is THE original directory of Headhunters, Recruiters, Staffing Agencies, and Executive Search Firms. We have been publishing this directory for over 20 years now, helping recruiters, employers, and job seekers connect!

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There are no accounts to setup, no passwords to remember, and no membership fees to use this guide! Just a simple easy to use guide to help the job seeker find the next career opportunity, the recruiter find the next great hire, and the hiring manager to find a reputable recruiting firm to assist them in their recruitment efforts for the next great hire!

Simple….Easy…and yes Free!

To date HeadhuntersDirectory has assisted literally millions of jobseekers in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and many other locations. Connect with a local recruiting firm during your search for the next career opportunity, or search for the best talent for that vacancy!

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