I should just pay a headhunter to find me a job

Should I pay a headhunter to find me a job?

Should you pay a headhunter?

It is tempting to think you can simply pay a headhunter to find you a job when the job market is extremely competitive! Searching for new a career opportunity is very time consuming and can a lot of time and patience. To succeed in your job search you must remain positive, focused, and determined. It takes using all the tools available today to land the perfect job opportunity, tune your resume for it, prepare a cover letter, apply for, get a call for the coveted interview, and negotiate the compensation package!

The job search routine is really a lot of work…”maybe a headhunter can just do this for me“?

We can all benefit from having a professional on our side navigating the increasingly competitive job search world we are in! Headhunters, executive recruiters, recruitment consultants are search specialists who focus on finding the top qualified candidates for job openings they have with their client employers. In this extremely competitive job search environment there are many benefits to working with a headhunter!

You may be asking yourself…”should I just pay a headhunter to find me a job?”

Should I pay a headhunter to find me a job

The simple answer is NO!

To understand why you should NOT pay a headhunter to find you a job, you must understand these key points;

A headhunter does NOT work for you (the job seeker)

A headhunter does NOT work for you (the job seeker). Headhunters work for the hiring authority which is the employer. They do NOT work FOR the jobseeker. This is a huge misconception in the industry. It is extremely important to understand this key point.

A headhunter may choose to work WITH you

A headhunter may choose to work WITH you. If your skill set appears to a possible match to an assignment a headhunter may be working to fill now or perhaps even in the future, then a headhunter MAY choose to work WITH you as a candidate for their client’s (the hiring authority) vacancy.

Maintain a positive relationship with a headhunter

To maintain a positive relationship with a headhunter, you will need to reframe your understanding as to what a headhunter does, and who they work for. Assuming a headhunter is working FOR you as a jobseeker will show ignorance to the search process, and could certainly be a huge negative in how you unwillingly frame your communication with that headhunter.

Finding a job for a job seeker is NOT what a headhunter does

Finding a job for a job seeker is NOT what a headhunter does. A headhunter may put your details forward for consideration to a role they feel you would be suited for, however the search always starts with the needs of the hiring authority (the employer). It is the hiring authority that is the client not you the job seeker.

Finding a job is really the role of the job seeker at the end of the day

Finding a job is really the role of the job seeker at the end of the day. A headhunter can certainly make the process more fluid, more focused, and targeted, however a headhunters job is NOT to find a job for you, instead their job is to find the best available talent for their clients vacancies.

Although you as a job seeker should NOT pay a headhunter, there are many benefits to working WITH a headhunter.

benefits to working with headhunters

There are many, many benefits to working with a headhunter including;

Headhunters are recruitment professionals that can help open closed doors. Headhunters know their clients (employers) very well. They know which skill sets are absolute musts and which skill sets are simply nice to have, so they can be effective in highlighting the right skill sets to the hiring authority. This direct line of communication with the hiring authority is critical in opening doors, and setting you apart from the masses.

Recruiters in the biggest USA cities.

Critical second set of eyes. A headhunter will be quick to point out any glaring issues with your resume or cover letter. They are interested in showcasing qualified candidates that they have chosen to work with in the best positive light to their clients. If they see a glaring issue with you cv they will let you know about it, so that it can be corrected before they decide to refer you to the hiring authority. This second set of eyes that works in the field daily is extremely valuable and can make a huge difference to your success rate. Headhunters will do this as it is also in their interest that your present well to their client.

Access to the hidden job market. Connecting with the right headhunter can grant you consideration for job vacancies that are never posted anywhere (the hidden job market). These jobs are available but not promoted. Headhunters may know of these other job opportunities and can present you as a possible candidate for them to their clients. Without the assistance of a headhunter you likely never know about these opportunities.

Access to more job opportunities. Headhunters usually worth with multiple clients (employers). They may be able to present additional opportunities with other employers they work for that you are not aware of. This can expand your job search to additional opportunities that you would likely never have come across on your own. Headhunters can widen the net so to speak of additional opportunities for you consider.

Open line to the hiring authority. Headhunters will have an open line of communication to their client and the hiring authority. They will get feedback on their referrals from the hiring authority that can be instrumental in helping focus your job search, and skill set. Applying on your own will likely only result in a request for interview or nothing at all. Working with a headhunter will give you access to a direct line of communication with the hiring authority that simply does not exist on your own.

Less time applying for jobs. On your own you will need to constantly search out job postings and apply to them like everyone else. A headhunter can be instrumental in focusing on opportunities they know you are qualified for. They are not going to refer your details to any roles you are not qualified for as that would be a waste of their time, their clients time, and you time.

Salary that is a proper fit. Headhunters are interested in maximizing everyone’s time, including ensuring that they only refer candidates to their clients for roles that have a compensation range that makes sense for both the jobseeker and employer. On your own you may spend hours, days, and weeks focused on opportunities that at the end of day do not have a compensation range that would make sense for you. If your salary range is set at X a headhunter is not going to send your details in for consideration for a role that only has a compensation of x-20K as it would likely be a waste of everyone’s time. Searching on your own you will likely not even have a compensation discussion until you get through an interview first.

Discreet job search. Headhunters ensure that your details remain confidential during your job search. Many job applicants are already employed when they initiate a job search and risk exposing the fact that they are in active search for a new role. A headhunter can ensure discretion is maintained during the process. Sometimes interviews with the hiring authority are done at the Headhunters offices to maintain an extra layer of confidentiality.

Honest professional feedback. To maximize your time, the hiring authority’s time, and the headhunters time, you can expect professional honest feedback and critic of your job search goals, skill set, resume, and personality traits. If there are areas that need improvement a headhunter will let you know so that you can regroup and make any necessary amendments to get the results you want. Headhunters are not interested in wasting anyone time on a application that is not going to have a chance of success for whatever reason. This honest professional feedback can save you an extraordinary amount of time.

Greater chance of consideration for an open role. A referral from a headhunter, executive recruiter is going to have a greater chance of being properly considered by the hiring authority. Employers choose to engage the professional services of headhunter and as such are going to ensure they review their candidates. Applying direct to an employer risks the chance that your details may or may not be given consideration when there are many candidates applying to the vacancy.

Access to additional job opportunities in the future. Even if you are not an exact match to a current vacancy that the headhunter is working on today, working with a headhunter can grant you consideration for opportunities that develop in the future. Headhunters will hold on to details of candidates with skill sets they feel are in demand and contact them at a later date to discuss new opportunities develop with their clients. Some of the best opportunities are filled with very happy candidates in this way (and often these role are never advertised anywhere).

There are many additional benefits to working with a headhunter. Remember if a headhunter chooses to work with you during your job search that they will do all they can to open the doors that they feel should be opened for you now and in the future. Treat your relationship with the headhunter with professionalism, honesty, and respect and you should receive the same in return.

Any advantage you can harness today can make the difference between getting the call for an interview or being one of the many, many other applicants who do not. But you really need to show that you understand that headhunters are working for hiring authority.

When you have a proper understand as what a headhunter does, and who they work for you will see that the question of “should I pay a headhunter to find me a job?” is really an unintelligent question to ask yourself altogether. It is simply not what they do. Instead you should focus on connecting with headhunters to move your job search forward.

Give yourself and the headhunter, executive recruiter time. Connect with a headhunter as early as possible in your job search.

Networking with headhunters that operate within your field of specialty, and within you target geographic area may help you finally land that perfect job. It does not matter whether you have just started your job search or have been unemployed for some, or even if you are still employed but find your self in a job that you are unsatisfied with, connecting with a headhunter can make significant difference to your successful job search.

Ensure the right recruiters, headhunters, and employment agencies have your details on hand…ensure they know you are actively searching for new role.

The world we are in today is very connected. It is very fast. It is very competitive.

The job market can be extremely competitive, so connecting with a headhunter that works in your field of expertise, and has clients within your target geographic area can deliver an excellent advantage.

Headhunters can open doors for you!

headhunters can open doors

Headhunters can open the right doors to job opportunities now and in the future.

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HeadhuntersDirectory.com is THE original directory of Headhunters, Recruiters, Staffing Agencies, and Executive Search Firms.
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