Who do headhunters work for

Who do Headhunters work for?

Which party is the real client of a headhunter?

Headhunters, executive recruiters, recruitment consultants are search specialists who focus on finding the top qualified candidates for job openings they have with their client employers. Headhunters usually work at an employment agency or executive search firm that is contracted with a variety of different employers to work on their vacancies.

The agency headhunters work with is contracted to recruit the best available talent on behalf of the employers.

Headhunters can give you a significant advantage in your job search!

Headhunters work for the hiring authority

Headhunters work for the hiring authority NOT the job seeker.

Simply put headhunters work for the hiring authority, meaning the employer is their client NOT you the job seeker. The hiring authority is the employer, and the employer is the party that pays the headhunter for successful search and placement.

Headhunters may choose to work WITH a job seeker NOT for a job seeker!

So always remember that a headhunters goal is to find the best available talent for their client which is the employer. What does this mean? This means that a headhunter may choose to work WITH you as the jobseeker if they believe your skill set is one that is in demand for a vacancy with one of their clients. This does NOT mean that a headhunter works FOR YOU the job seeker. Do not make the common mistake out there and say that “the headhunter is working for me (the job seeker)”, saying this or assuming this will only show that you really do not understand how the process works.

Understanding that a headhunter works for the hiring authority is absolutely key to knowing how to communicate properly with a headhunter if they choose to connect with you. This simple fact is one the most misunderstood in the job search sector. Not understanding that a headhunters client is the employer will limit your chances (as a job seeker) of connecting with a headhunter to move your job search forward.

Any advantage you can harness today can make the difference between getting the call for an interview or being one of the many, many other applicants who do not.

Connecting with Headhunters

Connect with headhunters and recruiters

Networking with headhunters that operate within your field of specialty, and within you target geographic area may help you finally land that perfect job. It does not matter whether you have just started your job search or have been unemployed for some, or even if you are still employed but find your self in a job that you are unsatisfied with, connecting with a headhunter can make significant difference to your successful job search.

Contingent Recruitment. These search assignments are often contingent on the headhunter recruiting a candidate and the employer choosing to hire the candidate they have recruited for the job. Headhunters are said to working on contingency in this method.

Retained Recruitment. Other headhunters may be retained to perform the search and simply present qualified candidates to the hiring authority. Simply put a headhunter is in constant search for the top available talent to fill job vacancies with their clients. Retained headhunters are paid by their client (employer) to recruit talent regardless if the client hires the recruited candidates.

Headhunters, also called recruiters, find quality candidates to fill job openings for companies. Headhunters typically work with an employment agency, and are contracted to work with a variety of companies. The headhunter typically receives a fee for matching qualified candidates with open positions. Headhunters also help applicants tweak their resumes and help them brush up on interview skills.

Ensure the right recruiters, headhunters, and employment agencies have your details on hand…ensure they know you are actively searching for new role.

The world we are in today is very connected. It is very fast. It is very competitive.

The job market can be extremely competitive, so connecting with a headhunter that works in your field of expertise, and has clients within your target geographic area can deliver an excellent advantage.

Headhunters can open doors for you!

Headhunters can open the right doors to job opportunities now and in the future.

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HeadhuntersDirectory.com is THE original directory of Headhunters, Recruiters, Staffing Agencies, and Executive Search Firms.
HeadhuntersDirectory.com is THE original directory of Headhunters, Recruiters, Staffing Agencies, and Executive Search Firms.

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